Thursday, September 19, 2013

Drivers Ought to Obey the Speed Limits on I-15

The odds of motorists getting speeding tickets on Interstate 15 heading into Las Vegas are probably better than their chances at the casinos once they arrive. A crackdown by the Nevada Highway Patrol on drivers who have been averaging 95 mph from the Nevada border to the Las Vegas Strip has led to a flurry of tickets for speeding and numerous other traffic violations.

Travelers familiar with Interstate 15 know that the two-lane highway from California becomes four lanes of open highway. One police officer framed a copy of a ticket he issued last year to a motorist he caught doing 187 mph.


  1. Averaging 95 MPH? I refuse to go that high... I think the best I've made is the upper 80's, and I was passing someone. BUT a ticket for 187? That's unreasonable and unsafe for the driver and the officer who tracked him down.

  2. I've seen people drive 100, but going nearly 200? That's insane -Lil