Monday, September 30, 2013

Residents Awaiting Impact of New Driver Authorization Cards

Motor vehicle departments throughout the United States have strict documentation requirements for new driver’s license applicants. The rules make it difficult for individuals in this country illegally to obtain a license to drive. Faced with a growing problem of uninsured motorists driving without valid driver’s licenses, Nevada will soon implement a new program tripling the number of identification documents it will accept from applicants for a driver authorization card.

Unlike the driver’s licenses issued other motorists, driver authorization cards will allow a person to drive a car, but the card cannot be used for identification purposes.


  1. Those DACs will help people get jobs here in the US. We can't keep them from doing ANYTHING. More citizens the better.

  2. I hate digging out my birth certificate and other essentials for licenses and the like. Keep it simple. Hopefully this will cut down problems with processing. It can be such a nightmare trying to find that ONE document.

  3. How are those cards working these days? Curiosity killed the cat.