Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Corporate Law Enacted to Protect Citizens

Corporations are formed under state laws. So, for example, Nevada regulates the procedures and rules governing corporations in Las Vegas and other parts of the state. Because the government wants to protect citizens from schemes that promote criminal activities, fraud or terrorism, it is concerned about state laws that permit those who run corporations to hide their true identities.

Attorneys are aware that a new Nevada law prohibits the formation of corporations without listing the names of the directors and officers. The law also requires the annual filing of a list of director and officer names with a statement that names are submitted without fraudulent intent.


  1. Glad to see Nevada law is getting more strict on preventing schemes involving fraud.

  2. An effort should be made to protect citizens. So many ponzi schemes and other junk like that out there. I'm surprised we all aren't bankrupt right now.

    1. They exist everywhere. I mean hell... Martha Stewart was fraudulent... with all her crafty glory.