Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nevada Makes Online Poker Available to Residents

The FBI seizure of online poker domains as operating illegal gaming activities effectively shut down the industry in the United States two years ago. Players’ money on deposit with the closed websites was frozen and the players could not get it back without initiating lengthy and expensive court proceedings.

People in Nevada were offered the opportunity to enjoy online poker once again. Nevada uses software that restricts the availability of the games to people playing within the state to avoid violating federal laws. Analysts predict that online poker could become a $10 billion industry.


  1. It's great to see the industry be able to generate $10 billion, but how much debt will it cause with the loss to residents? Something to think about. -Becca

    1. Online poker? What's the point. I'm all about Solitaire these days.

  2. My parents are avid gamblers. ADDICTS. It frustrates me to see people get lured into the system for an adrenaline rush.